Draft analyst: Bobby Carpenter's breakdown

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State is a program very rich in talent and tradition. However, the talent is not necessarily dispersed evenly over all of the positions.

The running backs, offensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs produced by the Buckeyes are as talented as any university in the country. On the other hand, quarterbacks and defensive linemen have relatively been a bit more scarce, especially in recent years.

So naturally, it is most advantageous to take the positions with the greatest talent gap in the #BuckeyeNationDraft. Keeping that in mind, here are my thoughts on each team:

Brad Bournival's team

  • Overall: Even though Archie Griffin is the only two-time Heisman winner, there are a ton of great running backs to choose from. I love all of the offensive linemen following him, though, and it showed what kind of team Brad wanted. The team went heavy on linebackers and defensive backs in Rounds 6 through 12, where it accumulated a ton of playmakers. Tupa is a versatile guy in the 21st, but he should have gone with a quarterback sooner. Same can be said for wide receiver, but love Warfield in the 13th, Jenkins in the 15th and Horvath in the 14th.

  • Best pick: Hawk in the sixth, great spot for playmaking linebacker

  • Best value: Horvath, Heisman winner in the 14th? Only at Ohio State

  • Playmaker: Gamble in 11th. Can play offense, defense and special teams and take it to the house.

Scott Kendrick's team

  • Overall: Love the Pace pick first -- even with the rich tradition of offensive linemen at OSU, he is the best. However, quarterback would have still been wiser. Heavy offensive line early, but a wise pick of Carter in the fourth; playmaker with great hands. After Byars in the sixth, Galloway in the eighth is a great way to build the receiving corps with a guy that can stretch the field like no one else. I like waiting until later to draft linebackers, but needed to get a quarterback sooner. Harley in the 17th may be the steal of the draft.

  • Best Pick: Willis in the second round. He’s a top-three defensive tackle all time at OSU.

  • Best Value: Harley in 17th -- after all, The Shoe is called "The House that Harley Built."

  • Playmaker: Galloway in eighth, maybe the fastest player in OSU history.

Bam Childress' team

  • Overall: Troy Smith is the best first-round pick, not because he is necessarily the best player, but he is the biggest playmaker at what is now the most important position. Love more offensive line early, then Will Smith in the fourth -- nice move. He might be the best overall defensive end in OSU history. Glenn and Holmes in sixth and ninth; tough to beat that pair. Johnson, Laurinaitis, and Wilhelm are a very complete linebacking crew and Gholston is a great value in the 13th.

  • Best Pick: Smith first, most dynamic player in OSU history at the most important position in the game today.

  • Best Value: Winfield in the seventh, best tackling corner I've ever seen.

  • Playmaker: Glenn in the sixth, going 82 yards against Notre Dame says it all.

Austin Ward's team

  • Overall: With Troy Smith off the board, Eddie is the way to go in the first. Love the Vrabel, Simon and "Big Daddy" Wilkinson picks early. Best total defensive line in the draft with two very versatile guys. Braxton in the eighth is a solid choice; guy has a ton of potential and still guided his team to a 12-0 record with a fifth-place Heisman finish.

  • Best Pick: Wilkinson in the fifth, guy was a No. 1 overall pick

  • Best Value: LeBeau in the 16th, an NFL Hall of Famer

  • Playmaker: Ginn in the 11th, guy could score from anywhere.

Bobby Carpenter was a two-time All-Big Ten linebacker, a three-year starter and won a national championship in his time at Ohio State from 2002-05.