OSU, Notre Dame, U-M impress Allen

Forgive Devon Allen (Phoenix, Ariz./Brophy) for being a little exhausted Monday after a weekend that included a visit to Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights, a look at Notre Dame on Saturday and concluded with Michigan’s Big House BBQ on Sunday.

While the 6-foot, 187-pound wide receiver in the class of 2013 hasn’t formulated a top-10 just yet – he plans on doing that very soon – Allen said it is likely all three would be on his list.

Here’s what the speedster had to say about all three visits:

Ohio State: “[Getting instruction from former professionals] was probably the coolest part of the whole night. Hearing them tell us why they chose the school was great. It’s just the family there and the tradition and everything. My dad said it looked a lot different from when he was going there (his father Lou played baseball at Ohio State).”

Notre Dame: “It was beautiful. People always told me it was beautiful, but to see the Golden Dome and Touchdown Jesus for myself and some of the famous things there – the four horsemen – everything they have there is one of a kind. It’s a small school. It’s only 8,000 students, so it’s like a big high school. It was pretty cool. That was a good trip.”

Michigan: “Michigan was beautiful. I kind of stayed around The Big House, so I saw the locker room and the field. I spoke with Coach [Brady] Hoke for about 10 minutes and then we had the barbeque. I hung out with some of the commits like Jake Butt. He’s a tight end actually from Columbus, Ohio. He thought he’d never go to Michigan and that’s what he’s doing now.”