3-point stance: Meyer plays it smart

1. Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer said Monday that the BCS system is flawed, which isn’t exactly breaking news. Meyer didn’t harp on the subject, which is a good thing for his credibility. In 2008, when Meyer’s Florida Gators won their second BCS championship in three seasons, they finished the season 12-1 and No. 2 in the standings, ahead of six other one-loss teams, as well as two undefeated ones. Meyer may have called the system flawed in 2008. I don’t recall.

2. Three of the top five leaders in tackles for loss play in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Aaron Donald of Pittsburgh leads the FBS with 22.5 tackles behind the line, 4.5 more than anyone else in the nation. That’s an incredible margin. Vic Beasley of Clemson is fourth with 17 and Nikita Whitlock of Wake Forest is fifth with 16.5. FYI, the ACC last had three All-Americans in the defensive front seven in 2000: Jamal Reynolds of Florida State, Keith Adams of Clemson and Dan Morgan of Miami.

3. Maryland is 2-2 on the road, 2-3 including the decision by a North Carolina court this week not to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the ACC against the school. Seems the ACC wants its $52 million exit fee, as per league rule, from the Terps. For an example of how to act when leaving a conference, note ACC member-to-be Louisvile, which followed the Big East protocol to the letter. Louisville gave two years’ notice and will pay $11 million. West Virginia, which left the Big East last year, didn’t give two years’ notice and paid $21 million.