Miller confident his skills translate to NFL

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The focus for now is solely on preparing to improve for his next outing as a college quarterback.

But Braxton Miller doesn’t appear to have any doubts that his skills will translate to a higher level.

The Ohio State junior didn’t tip his hand on Wednesday about his upcoming NFL decision, again making it clear he wouldn’t make a final call until after the Discover Orange Bowl against No. 12 Clemson. And while he didn’t indicate that he was leaning one way or the other at this point, the two-time Big Ten player of the year left little doubt that he believes he has the tools to head off to the NFL.

“Oh yeah, of course. Yeah, definitely,” Miller said after practice. “Just like I came from high school, coaches are going to get you prepared, get you mentally ready for everything that you need to get ready for.

“That’s the next step in life.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean Miller is ready to put that foot forward and leave the No. 7 Buckeyes with a year of eligibility on the table, and despite the confidence in his game, he also rattled off the potential benefits of returning for another season in college.

His fundamentals as a passer can still be improved. The final month of the season, when Miller completed less than 50 percent of his passes, provided some obvious evidence. He still can get better as a student of the game and develop under the tutelage of coach Urban Meyer. And he can also pick up a degree with another year in school.

Miller largely decline to detail what factors would lead him to entering the draft, instead keeping his attention on making some short-term improvements and trying to get a win over the Tigers on Jan. 3.

“I get [asked] that all the time,” Miller said. “… But I’m just focused on the team right now, just focused on what we’ve got to accomplish as a group and for the Buckeye Nation.

“I’ll worry about it after the game. I’m just focusing on getting better myself as an individual, getting the team ready, getting in the film room and making sure I’m taking care of my business.”

For at least the next two weeks, the workload remains the same as a college quarterback. After another game, Miller will decide if he wants another year in that same position.