How we voted in ESPN.com's final Top 25

As you may have heard once or twice, neither Adam nor I voted in any of the three major polls this season, and we did not have an Academy Award ballot. But we did have a voice in the ESPN.com weekly Power Rankings, and here is what we said for our final Top 25 of the 2013 season.

Adam's Top 25

1. Florida State

2. Michigan State

3. Auburn

4. Missouri

5. Oklahoma

6. South Carolina

7. Clemson

8. Alabama

9. Oregon

10. Stanford

11. Ohio State

12. UCF

13. Louisville

14. Baylor

15. UCLA

16. LSU

17. Texas A&M

18. USC

19. Oklahoma State

20. Notre Dame

21. Duke

22. Arizona State

23. Wisconsin

24. Washington

25. Nebraska

Brian's Top 25

1. Florida State

2. Michigan State

3. Auburn

4. Oklahoma

5. South Carolina

6. Clemson

7. Missouri

8. Alabama

9. Oregon

10. UCF

11. Stanford

12. Ohio State

13. Louisville

14. UCLA

15. Baylor

16. Oklahoma State

17. LSU

18. Texas A&M

19. USC

20. Duke

21. Notre Dame

22. Arizona State

23. Washington

24. Vanderbilt

25. Wisconsin

There's obviously no doubt to No. 1, and we both ranked Michigan State second on the final ballot. ... I was a little bit higher on Oklahoma, South Carolina and UCF than Adam, who liked Missouri quite a bit more than I did. (I seem to remember South Carolina winning in Columbia). ... Ohio State misses the top 10 for both of us after losing its final two games. The Buckeyes lack many quality wins overall but still had a great season. ... Wisconsin barely makes my Top 25 after the Badgers lost their final two games of the season, while Adam includes both the Badgers and Nebraska among his final spots. I went with Vanderbilt, which won nine games. Someone should hire that coach.

What does your final Top 25 look like?