Notes from Meyer's teleconference

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Checking in with Ohio State coach Urban Meyer after his weekly appearance on the Big Ten teleconference on Tuesday afternoon.

Nate's wait: Nathan Williams passed the test to play in the season opener.

How much the senior defensive end might get to remains to be determined.

The status for Williams still remains a bit unclear after he checked out physically during practice on Monday, which Meyer indicated would be critical for his chances to return from microfracture knee surgery with an appearance on Saturday against Miami (Ohio).

"We’re going to meet again," Meyer said. "He did practice, limited basis, and we’ll try to get him in the game. I’ll know more -- [Monday] he passed the test to get in the game, but how much, it wasn’t enough to let you know how much he’s going to play."

Unleashing the tiger: The hits still didn't count for anything on Monday, so Meyer continued to have a quick whistle when his quarterback was on the run.

Considering the Buckeyes were calling plays designed to take advantage of Braxton Miller's mobility, that apparently earned Meyer a few dirty looks from the sophomore.

But the time to turn Miller loose is rapidly approaching.

"I’ve made the comment about a caged tiger, and there’s no question [he's ready]," Meyer said. "We ran a couple plays yesterday where they were actually designed runs, and I blew the whistle before he got to the line of scrimmage. He looked at me like, ‘What are you, nuts?’ He’s ready, pretty excited."

Klein playing catch-up: Meyer didn't want any surprises as he did his own investigation into Storm Klein's legal situation after the case was resolved last week.

The Buckeyes coach didn't find any after talking with people in both families involved in the July arrest, and he honored his word by reinstating the senior linebacker after the domestic violence charge was dismissed and the assault charge was lowered to disorderly conduct when Klein pleaded guilty.

But Klein still has work to do if he's going to do more than simply be part of the program again as he begins a minimum two-game suspension this weekend.

"He was released because of a charge of a domestic issue, and everything associated with that charge was dropped," Meyer said. "I told him if that did happen, like anything, I’d reassess the situation. I wasn’t comfortable with just the legal part of it, so I talked to both families and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t something behind Door No. 2 that I wasn’t aware of, and there was not.

"[His role] is to be determined. He missed all of training camp, so he won’t play until he makes up everything. He’s currently making up a bunch of stuff."