Trout impressed by OSU behind scenes

Kyle Trout (Lancaster, Ohio/Lancaster) watched the Xs and Os of Ohio State’s 31-16 win over Central Florida on Saturday on an unofficial visit. The offensive tackle out of the class of 2014 was up close and personal and came away with an even better understanding of what the Buckeyes are all about.

“I sat on the 40-yard line right behind OSU’s bench,” Trout said. “On the field, they seemed really intense. Off the field, they would sit almost right in front of me and you could hear and see what all the coaches were saying to them and how they were helping them.

“I liked how even though they were up, they were proactive. They didn’t stop coaching even though they were up. It was more reassurance of how this coaching staff is going to succeed. Still having the intensity to bounce back from last season and really do well, I think that will be awesome.”

As much as the coaches impressed, so did the fans as Trout took in his first game at the Horseshoe.

“As I’m walking up, I’m three quarters of a mile away and I can see people in the nosebleed [seats] and hear them yelling and hear exactly what they’re yelling and cheering,” Trout said. “It was like nothing I’ve ever done before. It was definitely an incredible experience and one I’m glad I got to be a part of.”

Trout has offers from Cincinnati, Illinois, Ohio and Toledo. He has interest from Indiana, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon and Wisconsin and thinks an offer from the Buckeyes might be around the corner after meeting with some of the coaches after the game.

“Coach [Ed] Warinner told me they are really interested in me and that was good to hear,” he said. “I think that’s a possibility. I’m not exactly sure when. I definitely would love for one to come."