Picks to click: Buckeyes to watch at PSU

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A look at three Ohio State players who will be critical as the program hits the road for a critical division clash at Penn State and how they might impact the outcome on Saturday (TV: ESPN, 5:30 p.m.).

Devin Smith

  • The basics: The sophomore receiver has struggled with consistency, alternating between making difficult catches or putting easy receptions on the ground without much in between. But Smith has risen to the occasion in the biggest moments so far this season, and the Buckeyes will need him to deliver on the perimeter in a hostile environment if they’re going to tighten their grasp on the division.

  • By the numbers: If Smith is an up-and-down player, he certainly doesn’t stay down for long. Every time he’s gone a game without finding the end zone, he’s bounced back the next week with at least one touchdown reception -- which could be a bad sign for the Nittany Lions with Smith coming off a shutout against Purdue.