Freshman focus: Another lineman on rise

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- There have been no breathers, no chances to go back to basics or work on fundamentals they way they could in training camp. Ohio State has rolled right through nine games in as many weeks, and it still won't have a bye until after it takes on Illinois on Saturday at home.

Could that be a factor in not allowing as many freshmen to have an impact this season as might have been expected originally? That certainly seems like a possibility, and a run of injuries to younger players obviously hasn't helped the Buckeyes as they try to power through the development phase the same way they have nine opponents.

A chance to regroup is coming up quickly, but a handful of young guys continued to flash their potential anyway in the impressive 35-23 win over Penn State. And this week, the rules were bent just a bit to accommodate a redshirt freshman who has been invaluable on offense.

Adolphus Washington