BuckeyeNation recruiting mailbag

It’s time to dip into the BuckeyeNation recruiting mailbag and answer some of your questions.

We’ll keep it at five a week to give everyone a shot.

We encourage you to send your questions by Twitter at @bbournival, e-mail at brad.bournival.espn@gmail.com or by posting a question in the Horseshoe Pit forum.

@TravisRockhold: Where does Ohio State go for an offensive lineman or are they not getting any more in this class?

BN: The Buckeyes certainly are trying. After striking out with David Dawson and Kenny Lacy, they have tendered an offer to Tennessee commit Dan Skipper and are scheduled to have an official visit lined up with Dylan Wiesman. If they miss again, don’t be surprised to see either Donovan Munger or Billy Price move over to an offensive line in need of depth.

@real_cwhitt2013: What’s the status on Vonn Bell?

BN: As you’ve already read, Bell will make official visits to Ohio State on Jan. 11, Alabama on Jan. 18 and Tennessee on Jan. 25.

His official visits are a plus for the Buckeyes, as the ESPN 150 safety wasn’t planning on making any trips. As BuckeyeNation wrote Thursday, though, it’s imperative to make a lasting impression with Bell when he comes to Columbus, Ohio. If not, he might head out to Alabama and never come back.

Joshua.eastlake@gmail.com: How many linebackers will the Buckeyes end up taking in the 2013 class?

BN: Two, maybe three, and they’ll be very good ones. The belief here is that both Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson will end up at Ohio State.

Tommy Sanders chose Texas A&M, but it might have been because the numbers game with the Bell situation left no room for the Buckeyes.

The belief here is they feel really good about their chances with Mitchell and Johnson, so much so that they might not be looking elsewhere.

Christopher Worley isn’t out of the picture by any stretch either.

@LarryM422: What, if any, juco players are the Buckeyes tracking to finish out this year’s class?

BN: As of now, I think the juco ship has sailed for the Buckeyes. Ohio State seemed to have Sanders in the mix, but as I stated before, scholarship restrictions might have played a role. They had early interest in Auston Johnson and Martrell Spaight, but it faded as they looked elsewhere to fill positions of need. I’d be surprised if they stop altogether, however.

jarvisjay@cox.net: Please explain how many players a school can recruit in a given year. I see teams with over 25 players committing. How does it all work?

BN: That depends. Twenty-five per season is the hard number, but there are many other variables. The Big 10 allows 28 (25 plus 3).

The real number is 85. That’s how many total athletes on scholarships are allowed to be on a given team. So if a school has players transfer, move on to the NFL, graduate and/or receive medical hardships, those slots can be used in the upcoming class.

With the NCAA sanctions, that number is 82 for Ohio State through 2014.