Fragel lets combine numbers stand

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The competitor in Reid Fragel wanted to improve his numbers, impressive as they were.

His advisers and the recent feedback from the Ohio State right tackle's trip to the NFL combine suggested he leave them alone.

Ultimately Fragel sided with the latter and played it safe on Friday morning at the Buckeyes' pro day, passing on the measured workouts, focusing all his energy on positional drills and letting the work he has already done for scouts speak for itself.

"After the combine, you just kind of took a step back and look at how you performed," Fragel said. "Whether you did what you thought you could do, if you could do better or not, it doesn't really matter. I personally think I could have done better than 33 reps on the bench, obviously. I consistently ran under 5 [seconds] when I was training, so it's just things like that that eat at you.

"Being a competitive guy, you want to go do better. But at the end of the day, it's now a business and you've got to keep healthy and stay out of some of those things."

Fragel resisted the temptation in front of representatives from 28 different organizations to give his workout totals a boost, but aside from putting up a couple more reps of 225 pounds on the bench or trimming a few tenths of a second off the 5.14 he posted in the 40-yard dash in Indianapolis, there wasn't much more for him to prove.

The converted tight end tested well enough across the board to likely solidify a spot in the middle of the draft, and the projections he was getting before working out at Ohio State already had him going anywhere between the second round and the fifth. That would have been almost impossible to project a year ago in spring practice as Fragel made the move to right tackle, but his seamless transition, the video resume from just one season as a lineman and a league that covets versatile athletes could make him pretty appealing on draft day.

And there was clearly no need to jeopardize that at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

"Even if I thought I could have done better, it's something that wasn't really necessary," Fragel said. "Obviously with only one year of tape, they want to see me prove myself to be consistent. But I think that's hard to do just with workouts like this.

"I have no doubt in my mind that moving forward I'll be consistent here on out. Just with the way the season ended, I felt like I was the most confident in my game that last game there, just felt real natural and I was very confident in my game."