QB J.T. Barrett stocking up for Columbus

Quarterback J.T. Barrett (Wichita Falls, Texas/Rider) found everything he wanted in the Ohio State Buckeyes. Between coach Urban Meyer, offensive coordinator Tom Herman and the rest of the staff, Barrett said he felt right at home within the family atmosphere and could see Meyer serving as a father figure away from home. The success Meyer quarterbacks have had in the college and professional ranks didn't hurt in his recruitment either.

"With the quarterbacks he has, he puts plays in that they are good at," Barrett said of Meyer. "He puts his quarterbacks in the best position to succeed and the offense is going to be very productive because of that. He had some of the top offenses in the nation at Utah and Florida."

It's probably a good thing that the fit into the offense won't be a stretch for Barrett, because off the field, things might be a little trickier.

"In the Big Ten, you have a lot of traditions that you really don't want to mess with," Barrett said. "I have a lot of things to learn about that."

And while it might not be exclusive to the conference, there is no getting around the difference in weather conditions between his home in Texas and future home in Ohio. Barrett said the first time it became a reality was during an unofficial visit to the Buckeyes campus in March.

"It was 80 or 90 degrees in Texas and a guy on the plane said it was 40 degrees in Ohio," Barrett said. "I looked at my dad and said, 'We have got to get some jackets.'"

On his visit, Barrett said a woman from Fort Worth, Texas, told him that the first winter would likely hit him pretty hard.

"At least someone was truthful about it," Barrett said. "Most people say I'll be fine, but that's because they're from up there. I've got some things to learn about that, too."

There is no doubt in Barrett's mind that he made the right decision in Ohio State, and after that trip to the campus in March, he took the initiative to fix that final issue that stood between being fully ready to face his future.

"I went to the mall with my mom when stores were trying to get rid of all their winter stuff," Barrett said. "We stocked up."

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