Labeling Ohio State's 2014 recruiting class

Damon Webb is the top-ranked recruit in the Buckeyes' 2014 class. Tom Hauck for Student Sports

As the summer camp season kicks off, Ohio State has nine commitments in the Class of 2014. It’s a class that should really reveal itself in a few weeks, when six pledges head out to The Opening in Oregon.

BuckeyeNation looked at each individual and gave each of them a label. Here’s what we came up with:

The Star

Damon Webb: Everywhere Webb goes, he turns heads. If Da’Shawn Hand was the defensive player of the day at the Columbus Nike Football Training Camp, Webb certainly was his equal. He could easily play wide receiver, but Webb, an ESPN 150 talent, has the potential to be incredible at cornerback for Ohio State.

The Recruiter

Kyle Trout: Living a little more than 30 minutes from The Horseshoe, the offensive tackle knows a thing or two about the Buckeyes. It seems every time there’s a big unofficial visit weekend, he’s there. Either that or he’s organizing group chats with perspective pledges to talk recruiting strategy in an effort to help the Ohio State coaching staff.

The Lunch-Pail Lineman

Dylan Thompson: With his commitment, the defensive end has nothing to prove, yet he’s at various camps competing to get better. He told BuckeyeNation last week that one of the biggest reasons he chose Ohio State was because of its competition in the trenches. Thompson simply doesn’t shy away from hard work.

Mr. Versatility

Sam Hubbard: This was the easiest choice. As a safety, linebacker, defensive end or H-back, Hubbard can do it all. He said part of the reason he came to Sunday’s Ohio State’s camp was to help the Buckeyes figure out his position at the next level.

The Speedster

Parris Campbell Jr.: It would be interesting to see Campbell square off with Lonnie Johnson in a race, but the edge right now goes to Campbell. How fast is he? He’s only 15 and has already pocketed four sprint state championships in track and field.

Social Media Man

Marcelys Jones: It’s not hard to find out what’s on the offensive tackle’s mind. Jones has more than 21,000 tweets. Sometimes the tweets have gotten him in trouble, but the one thing that is unmistakable is Jones is a free spirit who never pulls a punch.

The Whisperer

Dante Booker: The outside linebacker doesn’t say much, but when he does, you can take his words to the bank. There’s always a leader-by-example type of player on every successful team, and Booker fits that role perfectly. He’ll stay loyal to the end, much like many of the 2014 class.

Mr. Underrated

Kyle Berger: It’s hard to believe a four-star outside linebacker can be underrated, but Berger fits the bill. Everywhere he goes, he’s the talk of the camp. Expect big things out of him this year as his rankings improve.

Mr. Upside

Lonnie Johnson: A nagging injury has kept Johnson from showing his talents in camps. Still, he has blazing speed and will be the star of his Gary (Ind.) West Side team this season. When he’s polished, Johnson could be something special.