OSU still waiting on Shelton Gibson

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Urban Meyer’s first offer for the 2013 class when he became Ohio State’s coach in November went to Cleveland Heights (Ohio) receiver Shelton Gibson. Eight months later, the message from Meyer was still clear while at Friday Night Lights.

“They want to see it printed on my chest: ‘O-State,’” Gibson said.

The feeling is mutual. Gibson, No. 196 in the ESPN 300 and No. 11 in Ohio, has the Buckeyes as his leader after calling Auburn and Ohio State even for quite some time.

“They’re on top,” Gibson said. “… It wasn’t Auburn dropping. Auburn is still up there, but I been in touch with O-State more than Auburn.”

Originally, Gibson planned to make a commitment on June 20 -- his mother’s birthday. That decision never came, however.

“I felt like it was too early,” he said. “My coach told me to lay back a little bit and just really see where I really wanted to go.”

There is no timeframe for a commitment, but he said, “it’s going to happen soon.”

Friday might have been a bit of a preview for Gibson. Although the crowd did not exceed 2,000 instead of the usual 100,000, Gibson could not contain his excitement about performing in Ohio Stadium.

“I didn’t even know we were going to be in the Horseshoe,” Gibson said. “When we pulled up I was like ‘We’re in the Horseshoe for real?’ I got excited and started dancing and everything. It pumped me up a lot. My coach told me to calm down but I couldn’t. I was really about to get it.

Auburn, Illinois, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Pittsburgh and West Virginia are the other teams Gibson is considering.