Chasing 1,000: Could Hyde make it?

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The long wait for one of his players to hit a mythical milestone is over for Urban Meyer.

There won't be any more questions for the Ohio State coach about the lack of a 1,000-yard rusher during his career, though this season there really wasn't much need for them since quarterback Braxton Miller seemed destined to cruise past that mark since his first game in the spread offense.

Should anybody be so inclined, though, perhaps the focus could shift to the fact that Meyer is still missing that type of individual season from a running back. But if that distinction really matters, the Buckeyes could have an answer for that as well -- either in one of two ways.

The first:

  • Carlos Hyde could have been a 1,000-yard rusher this season if not for the knee sprain that kept him out of two games and limited him in a third. As it stands right now, the junior has averaged 85.7 yards per game with his shortened outing against Central Florida included, a pace that would have given him 1,028 yards over 12 games -- enough to put him over the mark even without a potential appearance in the conference title game or a bowl had the Buckeyes been eligible this year.