Snodgrass announcement postponed again

ESPN Watch List receiver Thaddeus Snodgrass (Springfield, Ohio/Springfield) made a college decision close to three weeks ago. He just can't seem to find the right time to make it public.

The 6-foot-0, 174-pound receiver planned to have a ceremony at his high school Thursday but said the school asked him to delay the announcement because of another event that day.

"They keep saying they have things going on in the library," Snodgrass wrote in a text message.

Snodgrass could now make his decision next week at a local restaurant.

The final five for Snodgrass are Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin. The Fighting Irish and Buckeyes are considered the favorites, with Michigan State in the mix as well.

Originally, Snodgrass planned to announce either last Friday or Monday of this week, but he pushed it back to Thursday so his family could attend. He also was looking to visit Notre Dame on Nov. 3 but could not find a ride and missed the visit.