Recruiting mailbag: Five big questions

It’s time to dip into the BuckeyeNation recruiting mailbag and answer some of your questions. We’ll keep it at five a week to give everyone a shot. We encourage you to send your questions on Twitter at @bbbournival, email at brad.bournival.espn@gmail.com or by posting a question in the Horseshoe Pit forum.

@JohnFanta13: In your estimation, how much are schools looking at the Associated Press’ all-state teams? Can honors like those get the Buckeyes to look further into a player?

BN: While all-state honors can garner attention, for the most part anyone Ohio State or other BCS-conference schools are looking at is of that caliber or higher. The underlying factor is also the politics involved in picking an all-state team. While those honors are certainly deserved in just about any case, it might not be a determining factor for colleges looking to fill a certain spot.

@ShuckyDuckQuack: Who fills the ‘Percy Harvin role’ for OSU in this class?

BN: I’m not going to give the answer everyone else is and say Jalin Marshall. With the backfield the way it is right now, I’m putting Ezekiel Elliott in that role. With 100 career touchdowns, he certainly knows what he’s doing at running back, but what sets him apart is how he runs in space. If he saw a crease in high school, he was gone. He fits the role perfectly. Here’s some film on Zeke.

@BlockONation: How many more players do you think we can add to the 2013 class?

BN: A number of readers asked this one. That number is fluid as scholarship restrictions make the final number dependent on athletes leaving early for the NFL, transferring or receiving medical hardship. I’ve seen places say the Buckeyes will get to 25 -- which is eight more -- but I’m staying conservative and saying six. Here’s a story from this week from this that describes it more in depth.

@BlackSupermanSC: Do you know how long Gareon Conley is on campus?

BN: Conley leaves Friday night after spending the better part of two days pretty much one-one-one with Urban Meyer and his coaching staff. While all the other recruits are on campus Friday through Sunday, Conley visited midweek because of an ACT test and a basketball game he’s playing in Saturday night. That might go a long way in Ohio State landing him.

jonathanbraverman@gmail.com: Are there any legs to the Max Redfield chatter? Apparently we are one of his finalists, but he has no visit set.

BN: For my money, I don’t think much of this. He might say the Buckeyes are a finalist, but -- as you said -- he hasn’t set up an official visit and Ohio State hasn’t offered a scholarship to the former USC commit yet. That could all change soon, but for right now I’m saying this is more of a pie-in-the-sky thing.