Can Ohio State pledges nab more recruits?

Marcus Baugh, Joey Bosa and Jalin Marshall have a tough act to follow this weekend.

The Ohio State commits have to try and at least equal what Ezekiel Elliott, Tracy Sprinkle, Tim Gardner, Cam Burrows, Billy Price, Evan Lisle, Darron Lee and Jayme Thompson did the first week of December.

The eight Buckeyes pledges were on hand for official visits a month ago along with Mike Mitchell, Donovan Munger, Gareon Conley and Tommy Sanders.

By the end of the weekend, Conley and Munger were in the fold, while Mitchell gave his pledge on Jan. 5.

The only reason it wasn’t a 4-for-4 scenario in terms of non-committed Buckeyes giving their pledges is because there likely wasn’t room for Sanders, who chose Texas A&M the following week.

That brings us back to Baugh, Townsend and Marshall, who will take center stage for the Buckeyes this weekend on official visits.

Their job is to see if the Buckeyes can’t land one or all of the following: Shelton Gibson, Cornelius Elder, Chris Worley, Ryan Timmons and Vonn Bell.

It’ll be a weekend jammed with things to do as Ohio State will treat the recruits to an Ohio State-Michigan basketball game -- naturally.

But there is one Buckeyes pledge that could prove vital this weekend in Marshall.

When Trey Johnson was asked what recruit talked to him the most in preparation for the Under Armour All-America Game the answer kept coming back Jalin Marshall.

By the time Johnson gave his commitment to the Buckeyes on ESPN during the game, it almost seemed like a formality as Marshall kept the cheerleading up all week.

Incidentally, Marshall was in Bell’s ear as well at the Under Armour Game.

That’s been par for the course with Marshall, however, as he has been recruiting for the Buckeyes since his commitment Jan. 30.

He’s showed up at Nike SPARQ camps, The Opening and Gridiron Kings and got on his soap box for Ohio State.

The fact he did it throughout the season at Buckeyes games and has continued it shows just how vital he has become in the process.

If he can join Baugh, Bosa and Townsend and land a few more pledges this weekend his name will already be strong before he ever laces up at Ohio State.