Penn State coaches don singlets to celebrate wrestling title

Penn State football coach James Franklin may not have the mullet to match Mike Gundy, but Franklin did have strength in numbers when he returned the Oklahoma State coach's singlet-clad social media volley from last week. Franklin and his entire staff slipped into spandex to start their week with a Monday morning meeting.

The wardrobe choice was in response to Gundy, who wore an orange Cowboys singlet in a video last week urging Oklahoma State fans to show up to a wrestling match between the top-ranked Cowboys and No. 2 Penn State. Gundy asked fans to put "a butt in every seat" for the meet.

Penn State won the meet in Stillwater, and in the process claimed its second straight Dual Championship Series title. Franklin and his assistants celebrated by borrowing uniforms from the new champs. In the process, they provided an important reminder that baseball remains the only sport where it is marginally acceptable for coaches to wear the same attire as players.