Sounding off: Commits react to UVA game

NittanyNation contacted several Penn State commitments for their thoughts on the 17-16 road loss to Virginia.

Here's what they had to say:

OG Brendan Mahon

Four stars, ESPN 300, No. 10 at position

"You know, a loss is always disappointing, but I think the team played really well and, like usual, a few things need to be worked on. I'm sure Coach O'Brien takes it week by week. I'm sure he thinks the same thing but, overall, they looked great and I liked what I see. And it's great to know that I'll be a part of it.

"You know, I think the defense did really well this game except that last drive in the fourth quarter. I think the offensive line looked great protecting [Matt] McGloin and giving him the time he needed."

LB Brandon Bell

Three stars, No. 62 at position

"It was definitely a tough loss, tough game. It kind of reminded me of myself because I also had a tough loss Friday, so it made me feel the same kind of way. Ours kind of came down to the last play, and we couldn't finish it up.

"But the defense, they handled Virginia well. Besides a couple breakdowns on coverage, the defense played tough. They're definitely two tough losses -- every loss is tough -- but I think they'll bounce back. It's just part of the way that everything works."

DE Garrett Sickels

Four stars, No. 33 at position

"I didn't see the whole game, but I saw highlights. A lot of the offense was moving; a lot of people are saying it's the kicker's loss and that's the whole reason they lost -- but you win as a team and you lose as a team, and you can't blame it on one person.

"But the team's taking strides. It's getting better and better, and they'll be all right. I mean, it's kind of like my team. We had a big senior class that left us and we had some big senior D-linemen leave, we had a senior linebacker leave and some defensive backs leave. We had a tough first loss, and it's the same with Penn State. But I think the coaches did a great job adjusting, and it's great to see them playing as a team. So it's a better feeling."