Franklin the man to unite Penn State

Here's a story from James Franklin's three years at Vanderbilt:

The Commodores play their in-state rival Tennessee on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. When Franklin arrived in 2011, students didn't stay on campus for the game, rival or no rival. They went home.

One day, Franklin went into Rand Dining Center, where the campus gathers to eat lunch. He sat down with some students to preach the Commodore gospel. He asked one student if he was staying for the Tennessee game.

"No," the student said. "I'm going home. I already bought my ticket."

So Franklin punched him.

On the arm, and not meanly, but he made his point.

"Change your ticket!" he cried.

Penn State could use a little James Franklin.

"We are going to do everything we possibly can to bring this community back together," Franklin said at his introductory press conference Saturday.

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