3-point stance: QB Hundley relives losses

1. UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley watches the video of the Bruins’ losses to Oregon (42-14) and Stanford (24-10) “countless times,” more than he does any of the team’s 10 wins. “As a quarterback, it comes to the point where, honestly, I don’t even have to watch the film. I can go back in my head and go over all the plays. It’s certain things like that that give you that edge to want to be so much better.”

2. I am sorry to see the Pac-12 is looking at a neutral site for its fourth conference championship game. Rewarding the team with the best record is the model nearly every major professional postseason uses. I thought one of the reasons the league went to campuses centered on a concern that Pac-12 fans might not attend a neutral site the way that Big Ten and SEC fans do. Nothing has changed there.

3. Penn State coach James Franklin said the other day he ran into a Wegmans grocery store in State College to buy four apples, and it took him 90 minutes to leave. Every shopper wanted to chat with him, and Franklin didn’t feel like he could say no. That made me think of a conversation I had a few years ago with Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, who has remained in Norman for 15 seasons in part because Sooners fans allow him to live his life, up to and including grocery shopping. Give it time, Coach Franklin. Give it time.