5 Questions: Commit No. 10 Kasey Gaines

Every week, NittanyNation will pose five questions to a recruit, player, alum or coach about all things Penn State.

This week's subject is Kasey Gaines (Loganville, Ga./Grayson), Penn State's No. 10 commitment in the class of 2013 who will play at safety. Gaines recently called defensive coordinator Ted Roof to let him know of his commitment, and he'll join the team over the summer.

Gaines is a three-star prospect who is ranked No. 82 at his position.

NittanyNation: I know you were debating between Penn State and Harvard. Last time we talked, you had yet to turn in your Harvard application. Did you end up doing that, or did you just realize PSU was where you wanted to go?

Kasey Gaines: Actually, I still have to finish the applications and turn it and everything. But I'm committed right now, so I'm not the type of back off that.

It was just kind of a gut feeling. I felt like the coaches really wanted me there, and I keep up with Coach Roof every week. And I just felt like this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a guy like me. So it was just a gut feeling for me.

NN: You told the coaches a week or two ago about your commitment, but for how long did you know this was the school you wanted to go to?

KG: Well, I made my decision a couple weeks ago, that I wanted to go there for sure. I've been doing my research and, actually, Penn State is a more prestigious academic school than I thought. It's actually top 10 in a lot of rankings.

In a Wall Street Journal article I read, that actually compared Penn State and Harvard. I actually felt it was written toward me -- so all those factors kind of went into it. I felt I could be successful later in life going to Penn State.

NN: You haven't been up for a Penn State game yet. Any plans to head to one now that you'll be on the field next season?

KG: Yeah, we're trying to work things out right now to go see the Ohio State game (on Oct. 27).

All I hear about is how big the stadium is and how crowded and packed it is, and I'm excited for that. I'm excited to see that atmosphere and all the fans there. It holds over 100,00 people. It's going to be a big game, Ohio State's going to be a big game, so I'm excited.

NN: Did you hear from a lot of Penn State fans once you committed?

KG: Oh yeah, a lot of people. I had a ton of people tweet me and all that. But, yeah, getting messages from Adam Breneman and Garrett Sickels, it was just cool hearing from them. Kind of like we're already starting that communication process and getting to know each other. Getting to know them has been cool.

I didn't count all the messages on Twitter, but I got like 400 new followers.

NN: Have you talked about redshirting with Roof or Bill O'Brien yet?

KG: We didn't talk anything about redshirting. So I guess as soon as this school year's over, I'll head up there for summer and all that. But I don't have a problem with it. I would like at that like another opportunity to get bigger and stronger and learn the scheme. So it's kind of an advantage.