Big recruiting weekend for Penn State

Penn State's coaching staff is busy every week with recruiting, but the days leading up to the Ohio State game carry more buzz than usual.

Bill Kavanaugh, director of player personnel, will receive close to 300 emails and phone calls a day. Kavanaugh, along with the coaching staff and a team of more than two dozen employees, will update the visitors' list every few hours. Some recruits opt out of visits at the last minute, while others try to claim recruiting passes with little notice.

There's a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes during Ohio State week, and Kavanaugh is just one part of the PSU recruiting machine. Some members of the staff will carefully plan out the seating chart, others will produce flash cards of the prospects so coaches can learn their names and faces, and everything -- from the person who greets recruits at the door to when the coaches arrive at the recruiting lounge -- will be planned out.

This isn't just an ordinary week. This is Ohio State week, and more than 100 prospects are expected to attend. Kavanaugh offers a deeper look at just what goes on in the days leading up to the game.