Nittanyville casts vote for Lions

Students continue to support PSU football, evidenced by the showing at Nittanyville. Josh Moyer/ESPN.com

No bowl games, no rankings, no Big Ten title. Saturday's game, ultimately, might not mean a whole lot on paper -- but the students at Nittanyville, a weeklong campout in front of Gate A, believe it couldn't be more important.

And, so, they've come here in droves. An official count puts the number at 1,200 students -- more than past games against Ohio State, Notre Dame and Alabama. Students will chant, study, sleep and eat here.

Athletes stop by, the Blue Band plays music, and bemused drivers just stop and stare at the stop sign near Curtin and Porter roads. It feels almost like a family reunion, and Nittanyville campers say they've come here to show they still stand behind this team and this school.

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