Q&A: 2013 DB Singleton on PSU offer

2013 defensive back Deondre Singleton hopes to visit Penn State in December. Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Cornerback Deondre Singleton (Lawrenceville, Ga./Archer) received a Penn State offer last month and is now planning some of his official visits -- and hopes to soon visit Happy Valley.

NittanyNation recently caught up with the 2013 DB to speak with him in-depth about his college recruitment and why he hasn't yet committed to PSU. He holds three other FBS offers from Air Force, Marshall and Miami (Ohio).

NittanyNation: How'd you manage to land on PSU's radar and grab an offer?

Deondre Singleton: My head coach, his head coach used to be [Penn State assistant Charlie Fisher] so I guess they still keep in touch. My coach probably brought my name up, and he started talking about them to me since my junior year.

I had seven interceptions and led the county in interceptions my junior year, and I was playing pretty well so they came out and watched me in the spring and really liked what they saw. And from there on out, they've been talking to me a lot. The defensive coordinator came out and watched me play against Central [Gwinnett on Oct. 12]. That same weekend, they offered me.

NN: When somebody looks at your offer list, Penn State immediately stands out because it's the lone BCS school. So, why haven't you committed yet?

DS: I'm just kind of trying to actually go and visit schools before I make a decision because I don't want to make a decision based off of what I'm hearing. I want to form my opinion by seeing with my own eyes -- and I want to be up there.

I've taken unofficials to Appalachian State, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Wake Forest so far. But I'm not really sure yet about my choice. It depends on how I feel. It's not that I couldn't see myself going to a big school over a small school, I'm just kind of looking education-wise and if I have a chance to play.

NN: Do you plan to visit Happy Valley, and what have you heard about PSU so far?

DS: Yeah, I'm supposed to be going up there. They want me to come up for my official visit for Dec. 7-9. So, hopefully, I'll be able to get up there or I'll have to do it a little later.

Talking to my coach, he said they have a great coaching staff and -- with everything that's been going on -- they've still been able to go hard every weekend and get big wins over big schools, and I just like how they've been able to overcome all the adversity they've faced the past couple months. I just like that, a school that can overcome adversity.

NN: So are you bothered by the fact you could go three seasons without seeing a bowl?

DS: I always thought about that, wanting to play in a bowl game and stuff like that. But it's really -- it's kind of a big deal, but if I don't play in a bowl game, it's not the end of the world. As long as I'm getting a good education and it's bettering me in what I want to do, going to a bowl game isn't a big a deal. It is, but it kind of isn't.

NN: You want to make an official visit to PSU. But are there any other schools you're looking to take officials to?

DS: I'm probably going to make an official to App State, but those are the only two I know right now. Those are the only two I'm making officials to, but I'm probably going to be receiving more offers -- I just don't know from who else yet. I'm talking to Wisconsin, Tennessee and Kentucky.

NN: Your coaches told me you can play safety and cornerback, even some receiver. Where does PSU think you fit best?

DS: I know Penn State wants me to come in and paly the nickel package, and I think that's kind of what they want me for -- to be a nickelback where I can cover someone man. So that's what I've been told, that they want me for a nickelback.

NN: What are you hoping to find out when you visit PSU -- what are your priorities in a school?

DS: Well, obviously, it has to be good academically. I want a school that's good at producing players ready for the next level and just somewhere I just feel comfortable, where the people are nice and the scenery's nice. I need to feel like I'm in a college atmosphere all the time -- like, at big schools, the way everybody looks at it like if you're on the football team, you're known. Stuff like that.

And when people come to your games, I want it to be huge. I like big crowds. I like when a lot of people are attending games and stuff.