Scouting Ohio: 5 players to watch

Five Ohio University players to keep an eye on in the Sept. 1 season opener:

1. Tyler Tettleton, QB, junior

Synopsis: Once his career's finished, he'll likely be remembered as the best quarterback to ever play for the Bobcats. As a sophomore last season, he set 12 records and became the first Ohio quarterback to throw for more than 3,000 yards. But it's not just his arm that worries defenses. He's a dual threat who also finished second on the team in rushing with 658 yards. He's on the O'Brien Award and Manning Award watch lists.

In the numbers: Think he just beat up on bad defenses? Think again. Against the three best defenses he played — ranked Nos. 12, 14 and 21 in yards allowed — he finished 66-of-102 for 873 yards, eight touchdowns and no interceptions. Those games came against Kent State, Rutgers and Temple.

Threat level: 10/10. Penn State's success on defense will be directly tied to how well it performs against Tettleton.

2. Gerald Moore, S, senior

Synopsis: If it wasn't for a 2010 injury, Moore would've been a four-year starter. Moore's a game-changer and, with cornerback Travis Carrie now out for the season, Moore will be asked to step up and lead this secondary. He's a ball hawk with good instincts.

Inside the numbers: Moore averaged six tackles against every team on the Bobcats' schedule that made a bowl last season, so his production didn't drop against better competition. His nine-tackle, one-sack performance against Rutgers was arguably his best of the season. He finished second on the team last year with 84 tackles and two interceptions. He had six interceptions as a freshman in 2009.

Threat level: 7/10. If one member of the Ohio secondary is going to disrupt the passing game, it's Moore. If Matt McGloin throws a pick or two, there's a good chance Moore will be on the receiving end of it.

3. Matt Weller, K, senior

Synopsis: Remember Anthony Fera? Weller's just as good. He's on the Groza Award watch list, and Ohio's not afraid to utilize him. Against Bowling Green, Weller made 5-of-6 field goals and finished 25-of-34 for the season. He earned a touchback about once every eight kickoffs.

In the numbers: Like Fera, Weller has deadly accuracy under 40 yards. If the Bobcats can make it to the 22-yard line, they almost have an automatic three points. Weller was 19 of 20 inside 40 yards last season and just 6 of 14 outside 40.

Threat level: 7/10. If this game comes down to a final kick, he's basically a lock if Ohio's in the red zone. Otherwise, he'll be about 50-50 -- and could still lead the team in points Saturday.

4. Tremayne Scott, DE, senior

Synopsis: Yes, he's questionable for Saturday's game with a foot injury. But, he remains the best of Ohio's front seven. He's a great run-stopper and finished with 62 tackles and eight tackles-for-loss last year.

In the numbers: Against the most similar rushing offense to Penn State (Buffalo was No. 60; PSU No. 47), Scott had seven tackles, four of which were solo. Rotating tackles Donovan Smith and Adam Gress will have to step up here to counter the 6-foot-3, 257-pound Scott. He is stoppable -- he finished with seven tackles, no sacks, no tackles for loss against the Nos. 6 and 12 rushing offenses -- but it won't be easy.

Threat level: 4/10. If someone's going to stop tailback Bill Belton behind the line of scrimmage, it's likely to be Scott. But with a nagging foot injury, he should be a little rusty.