LB Miclisse puts PSU in upcoming top 10

2014 linebacker Greg Miclisse (Palm Bay, Fla./Bayside) is quickly becoming stressed.

He came home Friday to 18 recruiting letters and, on some days, he receives nearly a dozen Facebook messages from coaches. As a result, Miclisse plans to release a top-10 list this week in hopes to narrow his list and calm his recruitment down a little bit.

"All these schools are coming to me, but there's a lot of stress and there's some that you really don't see yourself going to," Miclisse said. "I just want to take some stuff off my chest, and I think doing the top 10 will take a lot of the stress away."

The 6-foot-1, 233-pound junior is still sorting out that list and didn't want to release it piecemeal. But when asked about the Nittany Lions, Miclisse didn't hesitate.

"Penn State is in my top 10," he added.

The small-town linebacker said his parents and coaches are unfamiliar with the recruiting process, so he's often turned to a small circle of fellow recruits for advice. His mother and coaches tell him they want what he wants -- a good education and a place he can grow as a man. But his mother understandably can't rattle off the square feet of Penn State's weight room nor the campus life at Notre Dame.

So, Miclisse will text, tweet and call others who've gone through what he has. He recently spoke with Christian Hackenberg about the Lions' facilities, and he also touched base with Thaddeus Snodgrass.

"Thaddeus Snodgrass, I was talking to him yesterday -- and the thing that touched me was he said that Penn State is a school that will develop you, that will get you ready for the NFL," Miclisse said. "That touched me. That's why I've really been considering Penn State a lot."

Miclisse wants to start visiting schools in the spring, and he's hoping to use that top-10 list as a guide of where to go. He said he's not infatuated with powerhouse programs or national titles; his goal is to simply find a place where he can bond with the coaches, a place he feels needed.

"I'm talking to the coaches who need me, not the coaches who want me," he said. "The team that needs you is going to make you get better."

Miclisse said he plans on taking small steps toward choosing the right school. He wants to shorten his list to a top 5 and then a top 3 before committing to one school.

Although his top-10 list is coming a little early, he doesn't necessarily think a commitment will.

"I want to take my time on this," he said. "I don't want to mess it up."