ATH Willis 'uncertain' about B.C. pledge

Myles Willis (Atlanta, Ga./Marist) labeled his commitment to Boston College as "uncertain," so he's decided to start listening to pitches by other teams.

And no team's pitching harder than Penn State.

"That's the main one that's been recruiting me," the three-star athlete said. "Honestly, I don't know much about Penn State. Mainly, I'm interested in Coach [Ted] Roof. He's coached a lot of Georgia players in the past, and you see Penn State on TV every Saturday, so I think it'd be worth visiting."

Willis said he's spoken with several former Marist players who were coached by Roof at Auburn, and he's been impressed by their recommendations. He also chatted with Marist's freshman football coach, who played with Roof at Georgia Tech in the mid-80s.

That reinforced his belief he should consider Penn State, which is recruiting him as a cornerback.

"He's a tough coach, but he cares a lot about the players," Willis said. "And a lot of the guys liked his style back in Auburn. He really does have a great reputation in Georgia."

Roof first contacted Willis about a month ago. He arrived at the high school, shook hands with Willis' coaches and asked to see some film. The two have spoken at least once a week, and Roof attended the senior's playoff game last week.

The longtime football coach, who boasts 25 years experience, also made plans to see Willis for an in-home visit.

"It seems like they're close to an offer," Willis added.

The 5-foot-9, 180-pound prospect is also hearing a lot from UConn and Houston. But, for now, he wants to hold off on a decommitment until he sees how Boston College's new hire works out. If offensive coordinator Doug Martin is retained, Willis said he'll likely stay put. If Martin leaves, Willis is likely gone.

"I'm waiting to see what happens first," he said. "But I'm willing to take a visit to Penn State because I kind of want to have an idea of my other options when things are finalized with B.C.

"I'll talk with the new coach, see how it is and see if I want to continue with them."