5 Questions: PSU commit Anthony Smith

Every week, NittanyNation will pose five questions to a recruit, player, alum or coach about all things Penn State.

This week's subject is Penn State commit Anthony Smith, a postgraduate cornerback who is enrolling early and will start class next week. Smith committed to PSU on Dec. 9, a day after receiving a scholarship offer during his official visit.

NittanyNation: What's been your reaction to Gov. Tom Corbett bringing the lawsuit against the NCAA? And what's the sanction you would most want to see go away?

Anthony Smith: Well, obviously, I think everyone on the team hopes the sanctions go away. But it's behind us, and we won't be thinking about it the whole time or anything.

And the postseason -- that's on my mind and, obviously; the scholarships, too. I think that's going to hurt us a little bit, but I'm feeling good about my class. We can match up with any class across the country, I feel like. Obviously, I'm disappointed about it, but it's something small. Coach [Bill] O'Brien told us we shouldn't really worry about it. We're there to get an education.

NN: Speaking of O'Brien, he's been in the news a lot, too. What was your reaction to finding out he'd definitely be back this season?

AS: Well, I knew from the get-go he was going to stay. I never really thought of him leaving; I really never thought him leaving this year to be a big problem. I thought maybe next year, though.

He always sticks to his word. And he's talked with other recruits; he's never told me, 'Anthony, I'll stay. I'll be here this year.' But I just knew he was going to stay. He has too much to look forward to, and we have big expectations for this season because of the outcome from the last one.

NN: You start classes in a few days, so how do you feel about the prospect of heading to a new school?

AS: It's a big change where I'm coming from. I talked to a coach today and worked out stuff academic-wise. It's going pretty good, but it's been difficult. Jordan [Smith] and [Adam] Breneman knew they were coming a long time ago, but, for me, it's a little bit difficult. It was a little hard to sleep, because I'm excited and nervous.

NN: What is the biggest change coming from Valley Forge?

AS: It's a small community to a big community. At Valley Forge, everyone just knows each other, and it's a really small campus; I could walk wherever I wanted to go. Penn State's a lot different, from what I've been told; I haven't even been through all of the campus.

I was looking for a big school to go to, because I'm very social. I thought that's something I needed.

NN: What goals do you have for Penn State?

AS: Well, before, my main objective was going up there, getting an offer and committing. There was nothing I didn't like about the school. The sanctions were there, but that was in the back of my mind. My main objective was just get an education, and second was to get on the field.

My goal coming in is to play. That's my main goal. Coach O'Brien basically said they need a cornerback, and we definitely have some competition at that position, so we'll see how things go.