O'Brien: Decision was not financial

Bill O'Brien said his decision to stay at Penn State was not about money. Evan Habeeb/US Presswire

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Bill O'Brien tried to to assure fans and quiet rumors Monday morning, saying his decision to remain at Penn State had nothing to do with money and that he hoped to make "structural changes" and add extra staff.

"If I was about money, more than likely, I probably wouldn't be sitting here now," said O'Brien, who earns $2.3 million a year. "It's not about money. It's about making sure that Penn State University, the Penn State athletic department, Penn State football does everything we can to make sure it's the best we can for our student-athletes. That's what it's about."

O'Brien declined to go into detail about those changes, but he mentioned adding a graduate assistant to the recruiting staff and possibly hiring additional employees to the academic support staff.

The head coach acknowledged several NFL teams approached his agent, and he reportedly interviewed with the Cleveland Browns last week. He dismissed rumors he returned to Penn State on the condition of a raise -- some outlets reported an alum pledged an additional $1.3 million bump to his salary.

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