Sounding off: Players weigh in on offense

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Garry Gilliam was curious. His summer playbook, a three-inch tome, had some heft to it.

So, the tight end placed it on a scale: 5 pounds.

"It's a lot more complex," Gilliam said about the Penn State offense. "A lot more [plays] came, and even the play-calling's a lot more complex."

Ohio's not quite sure what to expect out of that 5-pound playbook. No one is, really.

Bobcats defensive tackle Neal Huynh said his team's looked at film of the Blue-White Game, along with some from the New England Patriots.

NittanyNation tried to shed light on this mystery by culling in the best quotes from players and coaches surrounding the offense so fans know what to look forward to:

Kyle Carter, on number of formations

"It's over 100, to tell you the truth. Different formations for different sides for different players in different positions. It's a lot."

Stephon Morris, on going up against the offense this year

"They're keeping the defense on their toes. They're just real balanced. To be honest, that offense is crazy because of the formations they can give you -- and with the play-action -- they do so many things that's going to help us out."

Bill O'Brien, on the game plan

"I feel good about the offense. We'll be in a multiple personnel offense. ... I don't think it's a real intricate game plan. It's just a game plan where we want these guys to go out and be able to play fast, play at a good tempo and try to find some balance. But again, as the game progresses, we've got to do what's necessary to win the football game.

"So, if we have to throw it 60 times, we'll throw it 60 times. If we have to run it 60 times, we'll run it 60 times."

Gilliam, on the offense's aggressiveness

"I don't think we're going to be as conservative as we have in the past. You're going to see an offense shooting for the end zone, not just the red zone. Not that we did that before, but that's what I think just happened. ... You're going to see a lot more shots in the end zone. Right after the 50-yard line, we have play packages in for specific routes that get us in the end zone."

Matt McGloin, on what he likes about the new system

"The most exciting part of this offense is that the quarterback has a lot of the control out there. ... We don't want to run bad plays, and Coach O'Brien puts a lot of trust in the quarterback to make the right plays."

Pete Massaro, on how going against this offense is different

"You have to think a lot more. Coach O'Brien's a smart guy, and he's always looking for a way to run misdirection plays and try to get you thinking on defense and just find ways to slow you down. And we got a fast group on defense, so that's one of the main things that I've seen.

"I think it definitely takes a little more intelligence to play against a Bill O'Brien-coached offense."

Morris, on what makes this offense good

"I think that makes it confusing is the different personnel they give you. They could have five-wides, three tight ends, the tempo they go. They can go really fast or really slow it down. They have different situations lined up, but they also have a more balanced attack -- run, play-action -- it definitely keeps us on our toes."