Commits sound off on Ohio game

In the days following a 24-14 loss to Ohio, NittanyNation took a poll of some of Penn State's commitments to gather their reaction.

Four recruits shared their overall opinion along with their thoughts on the unit they'll be playing for next year. Here's what they had to say:

OG Brendan Mahon (Randolph, N.J./Randolph)

Four stars, ESPN 300, No. 10 at position

"Like any game, it sucks to lose. Like everyone else, it doesn't change my opinion. I'm sticking with Penn State no matter what. No matter what their score is or their wins and losses, but I would've liked for them to win for the community.

"I think the offensive line looked really good, [Matt Stankiewitch] and all them. And Donovan Smith, for being a freshman, looked phenomenal. I think they played well."

CB Jordan Smith (Washington, D.C./Howard D. Woodson)

Three stars, No. 56 at position

"My thoughts after the game was that the next opponent's coming up and Penn State's going to be scary the way O'Brien moved the ball down the field in the first half. It was tremendous.

"To me, the secondary has some athletes back there so me, coming up to Penn State in January and getting a chance to learn from those players, it's just a tremendous opportunity. ... I'm totally committed. Nothing's changed my mind, and nothing's going to change my mind. I haven't had any thoughts about changing schools, and that's not going to happen."

DE Curtis Cothran (Newtown, Pa./Council Rock)

Three stars, No. 93 at position

"I mean, they still put in a great effort. They did great in the first half; I don't know what happened in the second half. But, no, this hasn't changed my mind.

"The D-line still did pretty good. I'm still looking forward to playing on it. I really, really like Coach [Larry] Johnson, so I think they'll be able to do some things down the line."

DT Garrett Sickels (Little Silver, N.J./Red Bank)

Four stars, No. 33 at position

"For me, it's just one game and it's not like a red flag or anything. You'll always get better, and you just need to accept that. They're going to be fine next week. They have a great staff and a great defense, and there was a lot luck there, too, like when that ball went through the defender's hands [on the 42-yard touchdown pass].

"The defensive line is still great. They're coached by Larry Johnson, and I'll have an opportunity to play there one day, and it's awesome for me to have an opportunity to learn from the best. It's great; they're relentless."