Q&A with incoming run-on QB Seymour

QB Jack Seymour (Indianapolis, Ind./Park Tudor) is one of the more interesting stories of this class of run-ons. He turned down several scholarship offers to walk-on to PSU, and he'll be one of just five QBs on the PSU roster this season.

NittanyNation recently caught up with the quarterback to talk about his career goals, what he's currently up to and more. He'll join the team June 22.

NittanyNation: So, tell me, what have you been doing lately to get ready for Penn State? Are you trying to relax a bit now, or are you in full-workout mode?

Jack Seymour: Well, I've been trying to get up at 6:30 to get ready for workouts. I've been lifting every day, and I'm doing boxing to cross-train -- so I've been doing 2-3 workouts a day, and I'm doing the playbook about 30 minutes each day. I've got a big whiteboard up on my room, so I've been drawing up routes and stuff. I've been working hard.

NN: I don't hear about boxing quarterbacks too often. What's the goal behind that?

JS: I've heard from some coaches that it helps with the throwing hand -- and it also helps with my heart rate too, because there's a lot of running. It's a hard workout. It's like cardio and explosiveness with my throwing hand.

I've definitely noticed a difference -- especially on the 20-yard, 18-yard and comeback routes. It's helped with arm strength, with the quick release and stuff like that.

NN: Your role is a bit more important this year since there are only two scholarship QBs. What were your thoughts when Steven Bench left?

JS: Well, first off, Bench and I were -- after I met him, I just saw what a cool guy he was. So, it sucks he left, but it did get me excited and put me in a great spot because I'll have a better opportunity for reps and to get on the field.

I mean, it's just another thing that helps me moving forward, that I'm going to have a better opportunity. I was excited in hearing that, not in the sense he left but in the sense there's more space for me because I know it would've been harder to get reps with three quarterbacks.

NN: What are your goals for this first season and for your career at PSU?

JS: I'm not thinking of setting myself for a certain position or a certain spot. I'm not going to say my goal is to get second string, and I don't want to be cocky and say I want to become a starter. But that's ultimately it. If a QB doesn't have that as a goal, I guess something's kind of wrong with you.

I just want to get as high up as I can and do my best for the team. And obviously, just as Matt McGloin did incredible things in his fifth year, I guess my goals would be similar to him. Just working my way up competing. ... So I think my expectation is to really never let an opportunity slip by, like if someone might be injured and I go in. I'm going to be prepared no matter what.

NN: You played for a small team at a school that was more accustomed to tennis championships. But, you still managed to get noticed by several FBS programs. How did you manage to catch coaches' eyes?

JS: Hard work, just on and off the field. My freshman year, I had the opportunity to transfer to a bigger school where I'd be on a bigger team and all that. And, ultimately, I decided not to because I thought that no matter where I was at, I'd make myself stand out.

I committed to the guys at Park, and I didn't want to leave them. My goal my freshman year was to be the first quarterback from there to go D-I. I think we've had 2-3 guys go D-I at other positions, and I just had a lot of help from my coaches who'd reach out to guys for me. It just worked out. I ended up getting really good film in three years, so I think I'm just making the best of what I had. I got the opportunity to scramble a lot, took advantage and made plays.

NN: For those still wondering, why did you decide to turn down several offers to walk-on to Penn State?

JS: Well, the MAC schools I had offers from, those are great schools. But, in my mind, I wanted a better education and, second off, I kind of wanted to give myself a shot at a bigger program to see how I would do. I was looking at the perfect fit with football, academics and coaches. And at Penn State, well, you can't really get anymore perfect than Penn State when it comes to that. So when that opportunity came up, I was ecstatic.

NN: How do you want to be remembered at PSU?

JS: Oh man, I 'm trying to think of something off the top of my head. I guess I want to be known as someone who can be counted on the field and off the field. I'm not going to be someone who gets in trouble. I'm going to be an honest, hard-working player who's going to give everything I have to the university and friends and family and coaches there.