PSU recruits recount Saturday visits

Penn State's atmosphere has had a positive impact on recruits. Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

So what did the undecided recruits think about their experiences at Penn State?

NittanyNation decided to check in with several to see what they had to say:

RB Roman Clay (Lancaster, Pa./Lancaster Catholic)

Class of 2013

Offers: UMass, Kent State

"I didn't really have any expectations coming in. I was just looking for something big, and I saw something big. It was ridiculous. It was the best college football game I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot, like Maryland, Rutgers, Temple, Pitt -- who else? -- Virginia Tech and a bunch of others. I've been to a bunch, and Penn State was by far the best one I've been to.

"It was just the fans. The fans were so into the game; it just made the atmosphere that much better. I know a lot of schools, where if the team's losing, fans lose interest. But they were behind Penn State 100 percent.

WR Drew Scales (Harrisburg, Pa./Central Dauphin)

Class of 2013

Offers: N/A

"It's definitely unforgettable. Walking out onto the field, I had the biggest smile on my face, and the fans are just saying, 'Welcome,' and everything, and I just felt at home. I would love to just be able to play in front of people I know and that could come see me and support me all the time.

"It was a lot of fun. I just liked everything about it. I didn't see anything I didn't like. It was just a good place to be, and the crowd was definitely bigger this time. I went to the Alabama game last year, and I thought it was real big, but it wasn't as big as this time. The night game and atmosphere made it better."

TE Mike Gesicki (Manahawkin, N.J./Southern Regional)

Class of 2014

Offers: Rutgers, Boston College

"That was the third college game I've been to, and no other atmosphere compared to this game. I've been to Auburn-LSU and Rutgers-UConn. Rutgers had 50,000 people and Auburn had maybe 70,000, and yesterday had 100,000 -- and nothing compared to that. It was ridiculous. You could see how much Penn State football meant to those people. I enjoyed every single second of it.

"Just talking to a few of the fans and knowing how much Penn State football actually means, that stood out. I'm walking around at halftime and people are already yelling at me to go to Penn State. Right now, I'm a nobody to them, but they're already thinking about their Penn State football. It was great."

DT Connor Morehart (Shillington, Pa./Governor Mifflin)

Class of 2014

Offers: Rutgers

"Seeing all those fans still there and seeing the tradition and all those recruits there -- some of those bigger-name recruits -- just the overall atmosphere was a lot of fun. And seeing the No. 1 quarterback [Christian Hackenberg] in the country there, I was surprised.

"I'd definitely say it was worth going even though they lost. I knew that it would be loud, but it was loud like with the defense on first- and second- and third-down. It was unbelievable. My ears were ringing a little bit, because the fans were going crazy. It's definitely a good fan base."

RB Andre Robinson (Harrisburg, Pa./Bishop McDevitt)

Class of 2015

Offers: Pitt, Maryland, Boston College

"Oh, it was great. That game was crazy. There wasn't an empty seat in there. Honestly, what stood out was just how crazy it was. Just the energy level and everything. I've been to Penn State games before, but that was different. I know the student section's always crazy, but that game was actually packed, and it was a night game. And it was a good game, too, for the most part.

"I really liked walking out of the tunnel before the game. That was just -- the student section was yelling down and everything. Looking up and seeing the thousands of people yelling, it's crazy. Just walking out, I wasn't even playing and I was excited. I couldn't imagine if I was getting ready to play a game. It's just amazing."