Podcast: O'Brien talks sanctions, QBs

Bill O'Brien joined Ivan Maisel for the ESPNU College Football Podcast and addressed a multitude of issues, ranging from the sanctions to the leadership to the quarterbacks (and even John Urschel, too).

Maisel asked early on whether O'Brien hoped the sanctions would be reduced.

"Life's about hope," O'Brien said with a laugh. "I hope, yeah.

"... Down the road, hopefully something does happen. But, right now, what we try to do every day is work under the rules in which we have to play under. And that's kind of the challenge of it. And if you were sitting in our staff meetings the last couple weeks, it's an interesting challenge. And who knows where that road is going to lead because it's unprecedented? But it's been kind of fun to navigate the waters, that's for sure."

You can listen to the entire podcast right here.