Chat wrap: College stadiums vs. JerryWorld

GigEmNation writer Sam Khan Jr. chatted with readers on Friday about Texas A&M football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript.

Here are a few highlights from the chat:

Tyler Wilson (Fayetteville): How stoked are you to having the hog vs ags game back in Jerry World?

Sam Khan Jr.: You know, honestly, I'm not that thrilled. I like college football at college football venues. I've been to JerryWorld and it's a beautiful facility with first-class everything, but it's just not a college football facility and it doesn't feel like it. That being said, I don't think there's anything wrong with playing there. And there's nothing wrong with doing it once in a while. 11 straight years, whew. But it's good for recruiting, because Arkansas and Texas A&M can tell recruits that they can play in one of the nicest facilities in the world if they come there.

Chad (Beaumont, Texas): Did A&M gain a bigger advantage or disadvantage from the cancellation of La. Tech?

Sam Khan Jr.: I think it's two-fold. If I had to lean, I'd say a little disadvantage. With all the newness, you'd like to have gotten a game under your belt and work out the kinks from playing with the new offensive and defensive schemes and learn about which players you can truly rely on. Now you're having to do that in a game that means something more, because it's an SEC game. On the flip side, A&M gets to see Florida and Florida doesn't get to see A&M.

Evan (College Station): Hey Sam, enjoy your stuff. What was the problem with moving the La Tech game to tonight or tomorrow morning? I know they said they looked at all options but that seems like it would have been a pretty simple fix.

Sam Khan Jr.: Evan, the issue with moving it to Friday or Saturday were other games. There are high school games at Independence Stadium tonight and Grambling is scheduled to play Saturday night. Also, hotel rooms were already gobbled up, so it was hard for A&M to find a place to stay on Saturday, even if they had worked out a doubleheader situation with Grambling. AD Eric Hyman said the closest place they could find enough rooms to stay was Monroe, which is more than 90 minutes away.

Matt (Htown): How many QB changes will A&M make throughout the season?

Sam Khan Jr.: If we're not counting because of injuries (and also not counting mop-up time in the late stages of a blowout), I'm going to guess zero. Kevin Sumlin and Kliff Kingsbury are one-QB kind of guys. You won't see any kind of rotation and I'm guessing that now that the job is Manziel's, he'd have to play poorly to lose it. From everything I've heard about him, he's a heck of a player, so I'm going to guess that he holds on to it.