SEC will distribute $292.8 million in revenue

The SEC might not have won its eighth straight BCS national title, but the league got richer following the 2013 season.

Just before league commissioner Mike Slive left Destin, Florida, and this year's set of SEC spring meetings, he announced that his beloved conference will distribute a record $292.8 million of revenue among its 14 schools. Last year, the league distributed $289.4 million among its 14 schools, which was also a record for the league.

For those of you counting at home, that's roughly $20.9 million that each school will receive from the league office, which is around $200,000 more than they brought in last year.

There's also $16.8 million that will be retained by the 10 schools that made it to bowl games and another $1 million from the NCAA for academic advancement that will be distributed among all 14 schools. So outside of the cool million from the NCAA, the SEC as a whole brought in $309.6 million.

That's a ton of money and it really does put in perspective where the league was back in 1980, when the SEC distributed just $4.1 million to its teams. The conference didn't even make it past the $100 million-mark until 2003 ($101.9 million).

Add the fact that the SEC Network is coming (Aug. 14), and the SEC is due to make even more going forward.