Q&A: WR Parker picked for all-star game

MANVEL, Texas -- This season has started well for Manvel (Texas) High School receiver Kyrion Parker.

The Texas A&M commitment has had three productive games for the 2-1 Mavericks, averaging nearly 100 receiving yards per game, catching 15 passes for 294 yards and five touchdowns thus far. He was one of 20 commitments on hand to take in Texas A&M's season opener against Florida on Sept. 8.

And during his team's open week, Parker got some good news: he has been selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

GigEmNation caught up with the 6-foot-2, 192-pound receiver to get his thoughts on the selection and how the 2012 season is going so far.

Sam Khan Jr.: What kind of honor is it to be selected for an All-American game?

Kyrion Parker: It's a huge honor to me, because I didn't think I'd make it just because of missing out last year (because of an injury).

SK: How much of an adjustment has it been getting back to game shape after missing so much time?

KP: It hasn't been too hard. Just doing 7-on-7 all summer and working out all summer to get back in shape helped me out.

SK: How hard was it to sit out so much of last year?

KP: It was real tough to just sit back and watch everyone play. I wanted to be out there so bad.

SK: You got to take in the Texas A&M-Florida game. What did you think?

KP: It was real fun. I liked it a lot. The people were awesome and they're really looking forward to us coming.

SK: What was the atmosphere like for you?

KP: It was crazy. It was loud, you couldn't hear yourself. You couldn't even hear the person you were standing next to.

SK: Why did you originally choose A&M?

KP: It was just a great place that showed me a lot of love and I liked it a lot. I just wanted to stay close to home. This was a great place to be and I just loved it a lot.

SK: How cool is it to be going with a teammate, cornerback Tavares Garner?

KP: It's real cool. I'm definitely looking forward to going to play with him. I can't wait.

SK: How do you feel like this season has gone for you?

KP: It's going pretty good. Just taking a step and working hard and wanting to get better.

SK: What have you been working on the most, individually?

KP: Just working on my speed and working on my routes. That's really it.

SK: What other college games do you think you might attend this year?

KP: I think I might go to the Texas A&M-Arkansas, definitely the Texas A&M-LSU game.

SK: Still solid to Texas A&M?

KP: Oh yes, most definitely.

SK: Any special plans for All-American game?

KP: Nah, not really. It doesn't change anything. I can just go out and have fun.