Q&A: 2014 running back Shaun Nixon

Austin (Texas) Lake Travis running back Shaun Nixon and Texas A&M have had mutual interest for awhile. The Aggies have long been interested in the 2014 prospect who stands 5-foot-10, 180 pounds.

The Aggies originally offered Nixon in May but plenty of other schools have taken notice of him too. Baylor, Clemson, SMU and Texas Tech all offered him and several others have shown at least some interest, including Alabama and Texas.

GigEmNation's Sam Khan Jr. spoke with Nixon to talk about his upcoming visit plans, who he has been hearing from and more.

Sam Khan Jr.: After attending Texas A&M's game against Florida, do you plan on making a return trip for the LSU game?

Shaun Nixon:"I'm probably going to ride up with a friend. LSU and A&M, that's going to be a great game. If I get my ride situated, I'll be there for sure. That's a game I don't want to miss."

SK: You seemed to have an enjoyable time on that first trip. How much are you looking forward to returning to campus?

SN:"I'm excited to see Coach [Clarence] McKinney again. I'll have to see what he says because he always has something crazy to say (laughs). We're kind of cool with each other now."

SK: What other schools have you been hearing from lately?

SN:"I've been hearing from Boise, [Oklahoma State] I've been talking to a coach from Alabama on Facebook [Doug Nussmeier]. Nebraska [has been reaching out on Facebook] too."

SK: Any offers from those schools or others that you don't have already?

SN: "No offers, they're just talking, watching my film, want me to come out to games and stuff like that."

SK: What games have you been to lately?

SN: "I've been to Texas-West Virginia. It was pretty hype. I liked that game. Texas gave them a good fight. It was very interesting to see West Virginia turn around and lose to Texas Tech. I went to the TCU-Virginia game. TCU's new stadium is pretty good and the new facilities they have. The coaches are pretty cool too. They all have nicknames for me and stuff."

SK: So you've been getting some interest from Texas?

SN: "Yeah a little bit. They called my coach and told him they want me to come to the game. I went to the game and after the game I went into the locker room to talk to the coaches. I guess they really didn't have that much to say. I talked to Major Applewhite a little bit. I'm pretty sure the offensive coordinator [Bryan Harsin] came out and he was happy to see me. He said, 'I like the way you run that ball, watching film.' And I guess he had something to get to or talk to the players or something. I kind of waited then I kind of left afterward. A lot of these schools are saying they're trying to wait until after my junior year or something like that to see what I do this year."

SK: After your last trip to Texas A&M for the Florida game, you said you almost committed. What happens if you get that feeling this time?

SN: "I'll try to stay away from that feeling. I really have to evaluate these schools and see where I fit in the best. I've been doing that a lot, kind of checking out the depth chart, where I would fit in, but I haven't really gotten down to the wire."

SK: In a perfect world, do you want to wait until after your junior season to make a decision?

SN: "Yeah, I would like to. I'm trying not to get hurt or anything and am trying to stay healthy. I don't know how some of these schools take injuries so, I don't know. The time will come when I'll pick a school. When I know it, I'll do it."

SK: You mentioned you have a good relationship with Texas A&M running backs coach Clarence McKinney. What other coaches do you have a good relationship with?

SN: "Coach [Cale] Gundy from OU. I'm supposed to keep in touch with him but I've had a lot of stuff thrown on me so I haven't been able to. He really wants to create a relationship with me but we haven't really gotten to talk that much. Coach McKinney is the one that I'm closest too. Coach [Chad] Glasgow at TCU is pretty close to me. He cracks jokes all the time. Glasgow's a cool guy."