Q&A: 2014 in-state cornerback Ed Paris

ESPN Watch List defensive back Ed Paris says he has no favorites yet. William Wilkerson/ESPN.com

ESPN Watch List cornerback Ed Paris is a coveted 2014 prospect. The Arlington (Texas) Timberview star already holds offers from power programs such as LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M. GigEmNation caught up with the 6-foot-2, 195 pound Paris, who was one of many recruits on hand for Texas A&M's recent game against LSU on Saturday at Kyle Field.

Sam Khan Jr.: What did you think of the trip to Texas A&M for the LSU game?

Ed Paris: "Oh man, the game, the fans with their cheers, it was a great experience."

SK: Have you been to a Texas A&M game before?

EP: "No, this is my very first SEC game. It was my second time watching Texas A&M play (the first was when the Aggies played SMU in Dallas on Sept. 15)."

SK: Based on what people told you about what to expect in terms of the game day atmosphere, how did it compare to expectations?

EP: "They said it's going to be loud, everybody's going to be standing up the whole time, you're not going to sit down. They're going to be cheering the whole time. Everything they said was true."

SK: What was the most enjoyable part of the trip for you?

EP: "Just to hear the crowd cheering. They have different chants and everything. It was pretty cool. I had my name tag on, but after the game I took my nametag off so nobody would stop me and say 'Hey, come to this school.' You know how fans try to recruit. Well, that didn't work out so good. We were out by the tailgaters and they would just stop me randomly. They knew my name and everything. It was really crazy. I felt like a superstar.

SK: What were some of the things the fans said to you?

EP: "They were like 'Oh you're a good player, I've seen your highlight film, you need to join the Aggies,' and things like that. And there were LSU fans saying the same thing. So I was getting it from both ends. It was crazy."

SK: What coaches have been talking to you the most from Texas A&M?

EP: "All of them. They've been all sending me handwritten letters in the mail every week, actually every other day. It's every school, every day. That's what it's come to, like 50 schools sending me letters. It's crazy. I'm loving the recruiting right now."

SK: Who would you say is giving you the most attention?

EP: "It's difficult to tell because it's every school. They're all giving the same effort."

SK: Who is standing out among the schools recruiting you so far?

EP: "I still have to look at the education before I start to like anyone. Because everybody knows football isn't forever. And I'm looking for something that can last forever, which is education."

SK: What do you want to study?

EP: "Engineering."

SK: What other games have you attended this year?

EP: "SMU-Texas A&M, Texas-West Virginia, Texas-OU, OSU vs. Texas and Texas A&M vs. LSU."

SK: Any other games that you plan on going to in the future?

EP: "I know for sure that I'm going to LSU vs. Alabama. I have a lot of family members that live down there because I'm from New Orleans. I've never been to Death Valley. They say it's crazy, like an earthquake. I just can't wait to experience the atmosphere.