2014 CB Collins talks top 3, decision date

Cedric Collins (Dallas/Skyline) received his first scholarship offer when he was a freshman, has visited 10 schools and has a dozen current offers.

That's quite a bit of recruiting activity for a player who still has two full high school football seasons left. The 2014 cornerback feels like he has seen all he needs to see though, particularly from his top three schools: Baylor, Nebraska and Texas A&M.

With that in mind, the 5-foot-10, 170 pound Collins believes he knows where his future lies and he'll announce that decision Aug. 22.

"I'm very excited," Collins said. "I just feel this school that I'll choose is the school. There's no sense in waiting."

Collins visited all three of his finalists this summer in addition to trips to Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Texas and Texas Tech.

Baylor was the second school to offer Collins in the process (the first was Kansas State).

"Basically, it feels really personal to me," Collins said of the Bears. "I like Baylor. I like the coaches, [cornerbacks] coach [Carlton] Buckels and [safeties] coach [Brian] Norwood."

Nebraska's defensive tradition appeals to Collins.

"I really like that they're a defensive school," he said. "The coach, [Bo] Pelini, I really like him. He's been around so he knows what it takes to make a player. And I like [secondary] coach [Terry] Joseph and coach JP [defensive coordinator John Papuchis]. And the facilities down there are great."

As for Texas A&M, the level of comfort with the campus is clear.

"They have great facilities and I like it down there," he said. "I know a lot of people that have gone to A&M. And it just feels like home when I go down there."

Receivers coach David Beaty has been recruiting Collins for the Aggies.

"The atmosphere is nice down there," Collins said of Texas A&M. "The people that surround the school are very friendly. They make it feel just like home."