Chat wrap: Who fills Moore's shoes?

GigEmNation writer Sam Khan Jr. chatted with readers on Friday about Texas A&M football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript of the chat. Topics covered included Johnny Manziel, 2013 recruits that could have instant impacts and the future outlook, both in recruiting and on the field. Here's an excerpt from Friday's chat:

Mike (Sarasota): Sam, Although no one could truly fill those shoes, which of the incoming recruits do you see filling in the best for Damonsta Moore.

Sam Khan Jr.: I don't expect someone will be able to fill that production in 2013, but long term, Daeshon Hall has the kind of athleticism and body that makes me believe that he can eventually have that kind of impact.

Payton (Katy, TX (Title Town)): Hey Sam,What is your impression with the way Sumlin has re-staffed his coaches? We lost a few class guys, but I think picked up some great recruiters and very respectable coaches.

Sam Khan Jr.: Payton, I loved the hire of Jake Spavital. It's someone who he has worked with before, knows the style of offense the Aggies use and is young and energetic. Plus he can recruit. I'm hearing great things about Jeff Banks, the new special teams coach. He was a former punter himself and got two nice specialists as preferred walk-ons (Shane Tripucka, the Under Armour All-American punter) and Cody Wicker, a kicker from Dallas Jesuit. And Mark Hagen came in as a proven recruiter from Indiana and has been a recruiting coordinator before. Clearly, Sumlin understands how important it is to bring in players.

Will (SA): Do you think the new rules to recruiting will help or hurt the A&M recruiting, after doing so well this year

Sam Khan Jr.: I think it remains to be seen how it affects everyone but the relaxed rules on contact I think are a plus for the Aggies because Sumlin hires a staff of guys that hustle. The assistants are workhorses and if you give them a chance to build better relationships through more contact, I think the Aggies will capitalize on it.