QB Johnny Manziel happy to be 'normal'

Life as the first freshman Heisman Trophy winner has led to many things for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Fame is certainly one of them. Whether it's hanging out on stage at a Wale concert or rubbing elbows with NBA stars, Manziel has certainly enjoyed the fringe benefits of the status that comes with being a Heisman winner.

It also has created a buzz about almost every detail in the life of the quarterback they call "Johnny Football," whether it's how he's spending his free time or what his class schedule looks like.

He talked about the latter on Monday in Fort Worth, Texas, when he met with the media in advance of the Davey O'Brien Quarterback Award dinner. Manziel talked about many aspects of his post-Heisman fame, including his class schedule, which consists of four online classes this semester.

"Had my first round of tests last week, so I've been kind of pushing that off as much as possible doing my online stuff, and all three tests and three papers hit me in a week," Manziel said Monday. "It was good to feel like a normal student again, just a busy one."

Initially, Manziel was enrolled in a small English class of about 20-25 students, but it created a stir, so he changed his schedule.

"I didn't think anything of it, and it kind of turned into a little more of a big deal than I thought," Manziel said.

As for his other off-field activities, Manziel said he stays in touch with Texas A&M's compliance department to clear things beforehand.

The talk about Manziel's class schedule has generated much discussion, but readers, what do you think? Is it eyebrow-raising or much ado about nothing?