Decision looms for Cameron Echols-Luper

No matter where he goes, Auburn (Ala.) High School athlete Cameron Echols-Luper will feel pretty comfortable.

Of his three finalists, one is in his backyard (Auburn) while the other two (TCU and Texas A&M) are from the state he once called home and still loves. Either way, it's a win-win for the 5-foot-10, 180-pound three-star recruit, who will announce his commitment to one of those three schools Tuesday morning at Auburn High School.

He has managed the recruiting process well but it also pleased to see it wind down.

"The recruiting process, it wasn't stressful for me because I knew the game, because I've been around it all my life," said Echols-Luper, the stepson of Auburn assistant coach Curtis Luper. "Really I just took it in as a learning experience. So having this process wind down, it takes a lot of weight off my shoulders because I get to focus on school and football now. I've picked a school and I'm going to college, now let's focus and get it done. It's a tremendous feeling."

As for his three finalists, he shared some thoughts on each.

As for Texas A&M he said there are a lot of similarities to Auburn when it comes to the town and the people. He likes the offense and the vision for the future, Plus, the Aggies' success on the track (three consecutive national championships from 2009-11) is notable because Echols-Luper plans to run track in college as well.

"When I went down there, it was a good place," Echols-Luper said. "It reminded me a lot of Auburn. It's not a big town. It's a college town. The student body is a lot like Auburn's as well. It's big, everybody's friendly, saying 'Hi, how are you doing?' all the time. The coaches there, they're great. I've dealt with (receivers) coach (David) Beaty and (offensive coordinator Kliff) Kingsbury. Their offense and how they ran at Houston will also fit me as well."

When it comes to Auburn, the fact that it's his current hometown is a positive in his mind.

"Auburn is home for me," Echols-Luper said. "I've been here for the past three-and-a-half years, being the son of a coach that works for one of my finalists, that's a huge plus. Growing up, I always wanted to play for dad. Having Auburn in my backyard has been tremendous, having him there and having all the players being like big brothers to me and the coaches being like uncles."

TCU is near his former hometown of Ennis, Texas, about an hour from Fort Worth.

"That's key because my family can come see me play anytime or come see me any time they want to," Echols-Luper said. "Going down there for visits, hanging around (cornerbacks) coach (Clay) Jennings and (receivers) coach (Trey) Haverty, they're two outstanding coaches. I relate to them a lot and our personalities clicked."

With two of his three finalists being from the state of Texas, it's fair to say that the Lone Star State still holds a piece of Echols-Luper's heart.

"Yeah it does but Tuesday we'll find out who has my whole heart," he said.