Chat wrap: Sumlin at ESPN headquarters

As part of his experience during the ESPN "Car Wash," Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin took some time out to chat with fans from around the country while he was visiting the ESPN campus in Bristol, Conn. Here's the full transcript of Sumlin's portion of the chat.

Phillip (A stadium near you): Coach Sumlin, how has the move into the SEC impacted recruiting for you and your coaching staff?

Kevin Sumlin: I think it's hard to say how much that has, because we weren't there the year before during the transition. The combination of playing in the SEC and having some success worked hand in hand. People saw we could compete and win games. Being able to win games is one thing, being able to compete is another. That's why we've been able to capitalize on some of the momentum.

Matt (Illinois) [via mobile]: How will up build off the success of last season into this season?

Kevin Sumlin: We have that momentum right now. The key to this thing is to capitalize on it. But for us as a team and coaching staff is to stay consistent in our approach. It's great for our students and fans to be excited about this season. We can't ride the wave like our fans or anybody else. We have to be consistent in our approach. Be mindful of what's gotten us this far. Hit the reset button. If we do that, the big picture will take care of itself.

Clayton (Houston, TX): Coach, Will A&M be better at stopping the run this year? I know we have a new defensive line. Thanks and Gig 'em!

Kevin Sumlin: I hope we can stop the run. We recruited those guys for a reason. They're all good players, just young. We'll give them a chance to compete. They'll have to be ready to jump in early.