Manziel kicked out of UT fraternity party

Johnny Manziel is in the news again. And no, it's not for anything football related.

According to SB Nation's Texas site, "Burnt Orange Nation," Texas A&M's Heisman-winner quarterback, was "quickly and harshly" kicked out of a fraternity party in the West Campus area near the University of Texas Friday night. You can see video of Manziel being escorted out of the party on SB Nation's website. You can also see a beer can fly by his head and hear profanities directed his way as he exited.

Obviously, there isn't video evidence of Manziel's entire time at the party, but there are some pictures floating around Twitter of him with some of the people there. He was mostly posing or standing around. Pretty harmless stuff and it doesn't sound like he was being disorderly or much of a problem, outside of the fact he plays at A&M and was in Longhorn territory.

If this wasn't Johnny Football, who has made tons of news away from the field since becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman last season, this wouldn't have captured anyone's attention outside of Austin, Texas. College kids get kicked out of parties all the time. But Manziel isn't a normal college kid and every single thing he does, says or tweets is news.

As harmless as this appears to be, it's national news because it's Johnny Football.

Forget fall camp starting soon, the Aggies have to be ready for the actual season to start so that Manziel can shift his focus to the football field.

Manziel is a football-playing college student who is having the time of his life before what will likely be his final season in College Station. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. He hasn't gotten into any legal trouble since his arrest last summer and he's doing what any college kid would do if put in his situation.

There's nothing wrong with any of that. And getting kicked out of a frat party at a rival school isn't a big deal at all. But the issue that I'm sure the folks at A&M have is that their quarterback just can't stay out of the headlines. Twitter, fun vacations, hanging with celebrities, repping Drake, leaving the Manning Passing Academy early and a frat party exit have all made Manziel the center of attention in 2013 ... and none of it has to do with football.

It's time for things to slow down for Manziel away from the field, and having fall practice just around the corner should help that. Hopefully, he won't have time for his off-field fun to interfere with his play on the field.

And hopefully he'll change his jersey selection next time he's out. A Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey? Really? Maybe that's what people should be more concerned about that.