Chat wrap: Can Manziel flip the switch?

GigEmNation writer Sam Khan Jr. chatted with readers on Friday about Texas A&M football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript of the chat. Here's an excerpt:

Tony (Richmond, CA): Can [Johnny] Manziel simply turn the switch on after a tumultuos offseason? Or will his erratic behavior trickle into the regular season, resulting in disappointment for himself and Aggie fans?

Sam Khan Jr.: That's what we'll find out. I think there is evidence to suggest he can flip the switch (see: Cotton Bowl vs. Oklahoma). The good thing for him is that it's not like he didn't get any work done in the offseason. Whenever he was in College Station in the summer, he was at workouts and 7-on-7s and he spent some of his own time working with his private quarterbacks coach, George Whitfield. I think he'll be ready when Aug. 31 arrives.

DerekAggie06 (ATX): You can only pick one on each side (no pressure), so which incoming freshman makes the most immediate impact on offense and defense in fall camp?

Sam Khan Jr.: One on each side: I'll pick Ricky Seals-Jones on offense and Isaiah Golden on defense. The reason? Both have bodies that almost nobody else on the roster does. Golden is a legit-size SEC defensive lineman, and Seals-Jones' only possible body comparison (height, weight) at receiver is Mike Evans.

Bobby (Dallas): Which one of the four running backs do you think will be the biggest difference maker?

Sam Khan Jr.: Brandon Williams. I think he's the best combination of running, catching and game-breaking speed of the group. Plus he has good size.