Tavares Garner: Aggies 'impressive' so far

PASADENA, Texas -- Opposing quarterbacks haven't been looking the way of Manvel (Texas) High School cornerback Tavares Garner much this season. His most recent game, a 35-14 Manvel victory over Pasadena (Texas) Memorial, was a good example why.

Garner, a three-star Texas A&M commitment, only saw five passes thrown his way in the game. He made Memorial quarterback Jordan Wyatt pay with one of them with his second interception on the season. Three others resulted in incompletions and the final one was a pass-interference call that Garner wasn't too thrilled with.

The throws in Garner's direction seem to be few and far between. But he hasn't allowed that to hinder his focus.

"I'm just playing every play like it's the last play," Garner said. "I have to stay focused the whole time because I have to play every play like it's going to be the last one every single time."

How does he stay involved and not let his mind wander when he's not seeing passes?

"Just staying focused, mind over matter," Garner said.

So far, it seems to be working out well for the 5-foot-10, 165-pound cornerback. He took pride in the fact that he didn't allow any catches and is continuing to work on improving his game.

"It's a blessing," Garner said. "God gave me this talent; I'm just working with what he gave me."

On the recruiting front, things have been mostly quiet for Garner. He made the trip to College Station, Texas, on Sept. 8 with his Manvel teammate, fellow A&M commit Kyrion Parker, to watch the Aggies host Florida. It was an enjoyable experience for him.

"It was awesome," Garner said. "I love the crowd and the coaches. I can't wait to get there. That's truly family."

He also has been impressed by what he has seen on the field from the Aggies so far this season.

"A&M has been impressive," he said. "They're going to shock a lot of people around the world. Manziel and the other younger guys like Evans, they're blessed, they have the talent. They're just going to go out there and ball with it."

He said he's excited to be heading to A&M with Parker, saying that the receiver is "just like my brother." And he expects to get more offers before national signing day, but it won't change his intentions.

"[Offers] will be coming but I'm still sticking with Texas A&M," Garner said. "I love them to death."