Five-star corner to wait until signing day

SAN ANTONIO - - It varies with each recruit, but coaching staffs and how a prospect relates with them always factors heavily into the decision-making process.

Trouble is, those coaching staffs don’t always end up at that school when it’s time for recruits to make their decisions. That makes picking a school increasingly difficult these days with how much coaching turnover there is these days.

One high-profile recruit who has felt the impact of coaching change is five-star cornerback Mackensie Alexander (Immokalee, Fla./Immokalee).

He won’t say what school but there is a school out there that took on coaching change that may have had itself one of the nation’s best players had the staff stayed put.

“I am not going to say who moved or what happened,” Alexander said. “I was ready to commit to someone but after that, that’s why I am waiting until signing day to make my decision.

“Somebody might move tomorrow. ‘Hey coach, where you at?’ ‘Oh I’m at that school or that school.’ So you never know. I am just waiting until everything settles down.”

Alexander didn’t say what schools were at the top of his list but Clemson, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Auburn are a few schools that are in the mix. He has three official visits left.

One huge factor in where he’ll end up will be where his brother, three-star safety MacKenro Alexander, goes as well. Their mother really wants them to stay together in school.

“My mom really is getting on to me about going to school with my brother,” Mackensie said. “It’s a constant thing with her. ‘I don’t care where you go son but you have to be with your brother. Don’t leave him behind.’ I don’t care if I have to play with him. I don’t care what conference I play in or what is going on. I just want to ball out and play.”

MacKenro has offers from Florida State, Kentucky, Louisville, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas A&M and West Virginia.

Mackensie said he was waiting to see if his brother would qualify academically for certain schools, too.

“I am waiting to see if he will qualify,” he said. “They were recruiting him at Mississippi State and I want to see what they want to do. I am interested in playing with my brother. I am just casing different situations right now.”

One school that is hanging in the mix is Kentucky after the hire of Mark Stoops, who recruited him heavily as Florida State’s defensive coordinator.

“I talk to him a lot,” he said. “I am staying in touch with him still. I know he wants me and my brother.”

Auburn is another school that has kept his intrigue after the hire of Ellis Johnson as defensive coordinator.

“With their new coaches, I feel like they have a great chance of getting me,” he said. “I talked to [Johnson] the other day. He was just telling me about the system and what they want to do down there. If you watched [Auburn] last year they weren’t real good on defense. They weren’t good at a lot of places to be honest with you. I think they could use my help in the back end.”